Website design

Website Design: 3 things your site should be doing.

Brand a website with a unique design

1. Communicating value through good design and compelling text.

The goal of any business website design is to engage prospects and begin the process of making a sale. But so many sites don’t communicate the real value of their products or services – just the features of their products and services. What’s more, visually they don’t reflect the personality of their company. Text that is compelling, graphics that communicate your brand,and key words for search engines – all contribute to an effective website.

2. SEO. Make additions to your content a couple times a month.

The search engine bots scan your website approximately every 18 days looking to see if you have added fresh content. Google wants its users to find new and the most relevant information when searching, and if your site is stagnant, the search engines deem your site as dormant, and it will slip in perceived relevancy and as well as your search engine rankings. Note: I combined my blog and website together – all the info a client needs as well as continuously fresh content!  Of course links, videos, photos and key words play a big part, and those topics can be found in my blogs in the left column.

Website design that includes the needed and extra value
Website example above includes: Animated header, call to action and contact information, chapter tabs that are images, an auto-playing introductory video, industry certification, slide show that accompanies text, social media buttons and internal linking.

3. Have something for everyone on your home page

It’s tough to provide lots of content choices as well as make the design clean, professional and avoiding that “busy” look. It can be done, check out a couple of my client’s sites below. (Please come back – I know it’s a cardinal sin to provide a link that sends people away from a website)!  – There is more stuff here that is also  interesting to see and read – and don’t miss the Web Videos section.

This example auto plays an introductory video:

Here’s a unique animated way to display chapter headings:

This classic manufacturing site is all about processes, expertise, experience and value:


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