Marketing bestGary’s experience includes roles as a Creative Director for advertising agencies and companies, as well as, Director of Creative Services for AT&T Paradyne. Gary has over 30+ yeas of experience in advertising, marketing, and branding – with over a hundred local, regional and national awards from the American Advertising Federation, as well as Golden Image awards for marketing communications effectiveness. For the past 19 years Gary has been a branding, marketing, and social media marketing consultant. By focusing on building the entire breadth of a brand, Gary fuses marketing strategies with creativity, to create compelling and efficient marketing materials with the main goal of communicating value and increasing sales. 

Good ideas or great ideasI’m a collaborator– because the sharing of ideas leads to more ideas. I also like to share and get feedback. Feedback that is constructive is very helpful because business decision makers can get tunnel vision, and creative types can fall in love with their own work and loose objectivity of its real purpose.

 So what’s this blog all about? It’s a place where I share my experience and ideas (for free) that hopefully provides you something of value so you can use it to help your business grow.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Exactly! The pursuit of creativity seems to rely on the intellect and/or the non-intellect. The intellect can experiment, ponder, question and develop skills to create, where as the non-intellect may tap into a higher power of thought – like a meandering river in your dreams, where ideas and creative thoughts just flow. To be able to tap into both the intellect and non-intellect creates the opportunity for creative genius.


  2. Hi Gary,
    I am not sure if this is allowed. But are you willing to have a look at my blog http://www.candices-bookshelf.com and perhaps give me some feedback as to how to get followers and people interacting with my site. This for me is mainly a hobby but at the same time I really want to connect with people who have similar tastes and ideas as me. I would greatly appreciate any advice that you maybe willing to give me.
    Great site by the way.
    Thanks Candcie


    1. First, always make sure that your blog title is easy to read – putting text over images that are busy is something you always want to stay away from. Keep the background behind lettering plain or simple. Second, your title needs to sound informative and gets to the point quicker. Your title “Candice’s BookShelf” could mean different things, I thought maybe you were a writer. Get to the point of your blog quicker and putting what you do in your main title will dramatically help your search engine results. No one knows who Candice is or what your credentials are to review books. Go for clever and a better SEO title, for example “Top Shelf Book Review” – it says what you do, and gives authority that you are good at it. Third, I was scrolling down and I experienced some jumping back and forth between the header and the “Assassin’s Apprentice” review on the page – then the site just froze there and I couldn’t go anywhere else. You probably have to many bells and whistles going on (animations, polls, buttons and the front page has way to much on it for it to load properly). Create more pages or a page for each review which is also better for readership and SEO.


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