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Create Inexpensive and Professional Looking Videos for Websites and Blogs

website videos: How toWhat are the best videos for social media? Of course the one that goes viral, is clever, entertains, demonstrates unusual skills, etc., but what if you or your customer is an engineer, lawyer or accountant? What if they just want to show off their new offices, or they are to busy or camera shy to talk about their services?

> How I shot the law office video below in 20 minutes: Shot still photos of the office in natural light, wedged my tripod into an office chair to use as a dolly track to get the motion and eliminated involving busy attorneys by just doing a voice-over.

Equipment: iPad, tripod, an office chair with wheels, iMove       on the Mac and a microphone for the voice-over.

> The manufacturing company video below is shot on an iPad and edited in iMovie – an inexpensive way to create a video for your website. The dolly movement was done by putting a tripod on a delivery cart (and making sure the wheels were clean and didn’t squeak).

Note: I recommend creating a consistent branding approach by creating the same title image background and the same intro music that becomes recognizable to the brand.

Stay tuned, more types of video examples to come …

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