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Speak of Value – Not of Features

Value-based textWriting for marketing materials: Communicate Value-based vs. Feature-based copy.

Text to sell a new car written by engineers or product designers would read something like this:  “The new hybrid engine is connected to the transmission via a unique flywheel off-load gearing system, the large 8 caliber nitrogen filled piston brakes are functional for stopping the 19 inch wheels. We have a 24/7 fully staffed service department and towing service.”

A marketing copywriter would take this approach with value-based text:

You can significantly lower your monthly costs on gas because of the improved efficiency of the new hybrid engine. This vehicle helps reduce accidents and lowers your insurance expenses because the extra large brakes dramatically shorten the vehicle’s stopping distance. To give you peace-of-mind, this vehicle has an automated feature that tells you when to go in for service when a component needs to be checked.