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5 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015

social media analytics

 Use advanced analytics for your website and social media platforms

My social media marketing predictions for 2015 should be your resolutions …

1. Digging Deeper into Data. Using advanced analytics for your website and social media platforms is key in knowing what to write about as well as knowing your visitor’s likes, shares, engagements, demographics, etc. Making the most of your metrics will help you identify the right prospects and pinpoint the right offers at the right time.

2. Eliminate Advertising-based Content. Over and over again I see companies writing blogs that are just product descriptions and – essentially just a landing-place to copy and paste content from data sheets. Write to your customer’s needs, not just what you are selling. Content Marketing is all about providing content that has value to consumers. It can offer practical information, tell a touching story, or be outrageously hilarious. It should forge emotional connections that nudge people toward the business that rolls out the content. Make your content stand out in 2015 by performing thorough keyword research, present new information, offer something innovative, and distribute it to your customer base effectively.

3. Being Candid and Honest. Zig Ziglar once said, “Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.” TTransparencyhe same principle rings true for current marketing trends. The best brands will give an accurate and real-time picture of what they are doing in the interest of the consumer, at any given time.

4. Social Media Connections. Your target customers have some traits in common, but that doesn’t mean that they all are the same entity. People want to feel they are part of a group, crave connection, and participate with others of like-mind. Consumers buy from friends – companies can be perceived as a friend by sounding more personal in their writing styles. When you are writing, talk to your customers and future clients like each one really matters, because they do.  
Personal Social media marketing 5. Personalization. One way to send personal messages is via triggered emails. When a customer joins your rewards program or signs up for your newsletter, send a warm welcome. You can even include a special freebie or stellar discount. On your customers’ special dates, such as birthdays – send a friendly greeting. These automated messages can make recipients feel that you care about them.

No one can say for certain what the future holds, but the current direction of marketing shows that the above trends will impact marketing in 2015. Expect marketing to move strongly in a digital direction and focus on transparency, technology, personalization, and quality.

Create better marketing materials in less time!

How do you make something better in less time? For larger companies and small business, these not so shocking ideas are simple but very effective.

Think Process. Ugh, process stuff? Yes but wait, do you have a simple who-does-what list for developing marketing materials – from conception to final signoff? Where does it start, and how many people are in the review process? It could be as simple as creating a check-off list in an excel spreadsheet.

8BallPut these 8 suggestions in your pocket. Create a form or guide to help someone get started when writing a marketing piece that asks these 8 questions; 1. What is the purpose of the piece?  2. What are your customer’s needs?  3. What are the solutions to the customer’s needs? (Make sure you are communicating value, click here later if you need help on what value is)  4. What is the company’s expertise and value to meet or exceed those needs?  5. Why is your solution different?  6. Is there a compelling story to support the product or service?  7. What is the desired out come for the piece?  8. What is the call to action?  When the person starting the marketing document passes the answers to these questions on to the next stage in the process, it should make things go much smoother.

Who is adding value and who is just a pass-through? What value does each person add by participating in the process? Here’s a simple, yet shocking idea: Create a short list of bullets that helps each person know what value they are required to add to the process, so when they pass it on to the next step, the next person has what they need without backtracking.

BottleneckGet rid of bottlenecks in your process once and for all. Is there a step or two in your process that takes longer than you think it should – based on the value being added and the time it takes to move the piece to the next step? No finger pointing or blame, because everyone is busy, but if there is a bottleneck there could be many reasons for it. It’s typically the process that needs fixing, not the people. Most times it’s either not the right person in a process step, or they are having to add value that people before them left out because the people before them are lazy and just wanted to move it off their desk, or the required input and value each person adds wasn’t properly defined in the process.

Any process could be improved with specific requirements of the value each person adds – but if you are creating value-based marketing materials from start to finish in 2 to 3 weeks, then you probably have a pretty smooth running process.

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How to Increase Member or Client Participation

Here’s three tips on how to make your organization stronger and get more involved…


Many businesses rely on building customer participation for added business, and clubs rely on membership participation to host events to raise funds.

1. For a group to be more involved they need to be engaged with each other. How? A. Involving more people on committees is a physical form of social media marketing – they tell others and are more engaged .B. Rotate who is in charge to keep things fresh and to avoid inner circle clicks. C. Reach out to the shy members and participants, they will typically be your hardest workers and they probably joined to meet people just like you with your similar interests.

2. Increase the number of activities your group does. But wait, everyone is already busy! That said, people pick what to do to be busy based on their interests. The more your group interacts with each, the better the “value” of the interaction, then the more involved they become. Additional activities could be as simple as a impromptu meeting at a breakfast place on weekends, meeting for a happy hour once a month, or a have a picnic in the park. It doesn’t need to fancy or complex, just provide more opportunities for your members to socialize and get to know each other better.

3. Most important – you need to improve communication between members in the organization.  Members working on projects, organizing or attending events, or just meeting for social activities – everything runs much smoother when communication is improved, and member contact information is easily accessed. With a smart phone app called the EZ Member Directory, (click here to check it out), members can easily contact each other, photos can be added for each member, for either security identification, or just helping members recall names with photos at social events.

Speak of Value – Not of Features

Value-based textWriting for marketing materials: Communicate Value-based vs. Feature-based copy.

Text to sell a new car written by engineers or product designers would read something like this:  “The new hybrid engine is connected to the transmission via a unique flywheel off-load gearing system, the large 8 caliber nitrogen filled piston brakes are functional for stopping the 19 inch wheels. We have a 24/7 fully staffed service department and towing service.”

A marketing copywriter would take this approach with value-based text:

You can significantly lower your monthly costs on gas because of the improved efficiency of the new hybrid engine. This vehicle helps reduce accidents and lowers your insurance expenses because the extra large brakes dramatically shorten the vehicle’s stopping distance. To give you peace-of-mind, this vehicle has an automated feature that tells you when to go in for service when a component needs to be checked.