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Experiment, be Creative and Have Fun!

I just tried Garage Band, Apple’s music production program, for the first time – and it was a blast! It is a very intuitive program to use, and only a couple of times did I need to search for help on doing something. It took about six hours to create my first song from the thousand or so loops and sound effects available in Garage Band, but now I have it down to about 2-3 hours of creative fun before uploading my latest song to iTunes. (I now have composed 10 songs).

I had created a digital art piece for my online art gallery, (https://2-gary-greer.pixels.com/index.html?tab=galleries), and then deconstructed it to combine my original music and with my digital art into a relaxing grooving instrumental music video. See below:

Let me know what you think and if you think there is a market for a 30-40 minute creative video of something like this. Get out of your comfort zone and be creative – and most of all, have fun!

Online Gallery for Artists of All Types and Mediums …

I recently created an online gallery of my creative images from the past few years and it’s divided into 6 categories:

Gary Greer Artist Gallery

1. Digital Art (creating images using Photoshop), 2. Abstract Symbolism (acrylic paintings on stretched canvas), 3. Photography (images primarily captured on my iPhone and some have a bit of Photoshop enhancement), 4. Fantasy and Romance (a combination of using 3D software and Photoshop), 5. Steampunk (gears and the Victorian future), and 6. Illustration (commercial art used in company literature).

One of the cool things about this site is that it visualizes for you what an image looks like when printed on canvas, steel, beach towels, pillows, greeting cards and even shower curtains! (And many other decor items too). The company hosting the site takes care of the printing, shipping and payments – easy-peasy!

Check the gallery out at: Greer Galleries



Catch this bright idea … How to write a headline that gets people to start reading your message. 

Marketing headline copywwriting

A great catchy headline can engage visitors of websites, blogs, and other social media – you’ll be turned on and ready to start writing after you read this!

Below are five more ideas on how to write attention getting headlines – fast!

6. What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank].  This type of headline is a big curiosity draw, and it acts as a challenge to the reader to go ahead and see if they are missing something.    For example; What Everybody Ought to Know About Writing Great Headlines, or What Everybody Ought to Know About Saving Money on Car Insurance.

7. Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem].  People love quick and easy when it comes to solving a nagging problem. For example; Here’s a Quick Way to Write a Headline, or Here’s a Quick Way to Fix a Hole in Your Wall, or Here’s a Quick Way to Get Rid of Carpet Stains.

8. [Do something] like [world-class example].  Gatorade milked this one fully with the “Be Like Mike” campaign featuring Michael Jordan in the early 1990s. For example; Learn to Quarterback Like Tom Brady, or Dress Like Jennifer Lopez, or Invest Like Warren Buffet.

9. Have a [or] Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of.  Appeal to vanity, dissatisfaction, or shame. For example; Build a Body You Can Be Proud Of, or Have a Smile You Can Be Proud Of, or Build a Website You Can Be Proud Of.

10. Now You Can Have [something desirable] [great circumstance]  The is the classic “have your cake and eat it too” headline — and who doesn’t like that? For example; Now You Can Quit Your Job and Make Even More Money, or Now You Can Meet Sexy Singles Online Without Spending a Dime, or Now You Can Own a Cool Mac and Still Run Windows.

The purpose of a headline is to draw the reader in so they read the subhead, which intern should compel the reader to read the body copy, then the call to action, etc. Each part of the text has it’s role – more on that in a later blog.

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Got Your Attention? Yes. Good Ad? Shamefully No!

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.22.18 AMSometimes companies go to far outside-the-box to get people’s attention. Yes, you can show something something funny that gets attention, or  tragedy to scare your potential customers into needing your product or services – but if the image and punch line don’t relate to your product – people won’t remember what you are selling!

The above Altoids ad does so many things wrong. 1. The product is too small (no pun intended).  2. Though the image is shocking and humorous, is that how you would want customers to remember your product? 3. Guilt by association: It’s now shameful to use Altoids?    4. A teenager in his underwear on the bed? Really?  5. The tagline: Curiously Strong? I’m not seeing anything here that looks strong.

Another point: You’ve heard the expression “guilt by association” – well it’s true! Even though you may think you are representing your competitors with an awful or dumb image of them, consumers will begin to associate those images with your company and products – not a good idea! (See above)

If you are creating an image to get people’s attention, make sure it has  a direct relationship to your product or service – as well as enhances your brand. What is enhancing your brand? The opposite of the above ad.

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Photoshop challenge: can you find the 16 changes made to this Album Cover?

Remember this Beatles album cover? Can you find the 16 changes I made?

Click the image to enlarge. My first passion is using Photoshop to “fix” images that have poor lighting, eliminate color casts, remove funky things in the photo (signs, poles, tree trunks coming up from behind people’s heads, or even removing people), as well as eliminate the clutter around the focus of your subject. 

In Photoshop, I like to create either original compelling images to attract attention, or “fix” a company’s products photos. As you know, the images displayed on a website, blog and Facebook reflect on the brand of a company – because those images are the first impression the potential clients may have about the quality and image of your company.

If you want to see more examples click here.

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Letting it flow… (MY first blog entry)

Hopefully this will not only be an inspiration site for others, but also for me as well to create and publish. Besides, why create if you can’t share it with others? While some would argue you create to release the creative fires burning inside, I agree, but I also like the opportunity to share and get feedback. Feedback that is constructive is very helpful because us creative types can fall in love with your own work and loose objectivity of it’s real value.

On the other hand, comments analyzing creativity also come from those with different personal experiences and how they see the World. So what is this blog all about? Just having a place to express ideas and images that may provide contemplation, evaluation of technique and the ability to share ideas – oh, and a link to my website hoping that those in need, find me indeed.

Update May 2013: Ha, now looking back 4 years ago when I wrote this, I sure didn’t add much vale or interest on my first Blog!

Five years later on March 2014: If you actually read this blog I would be curious to know,  send me an email: ggreer@tampabay.rr.com, thanks!

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