What, a Social Media Marketing Plan?

There is lots to know about marketing these days, as more and more people shop online and are connected through social media.

Social Media Marketing DiagramNot only do millions of people buy online, but they check and compare products and services using, websites, Tweets, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, various online customer reviews and other social media avenues. This has to be one of the most challenging eras for businesses and marketers to know what to do, how much to spend, and where to put the effort – especially with a limited budget! So what’s a company to do?

Guru or smart marketer?  Hire a person, consultant or agency that at a minimum can create strategy document that includes a spreadsheet of every month and Social mediathe action (topics) taking place with every social media communication medium that is relevant to your target audience and your business. It should coordinate with your trade shows, products announcements, email campaigns and other sales and marketing programs. All of those things should mesh together in one coordinated marketing effort that drives leads to the sales team and increases visibility to your website. Monthly they should prepare a analytics report on all of your social media results – including what isn’t working and how it could be improved.

Obviously there is much more that goes on in front and behind the scenes of social media marketing but you have to start somewhere, and start with a true marketing person who is also organized – not just knowledgable about blogs, tweeting and making Facebook pages.  For all of the time, money and effort going into it, you need to see results.


Big Shopping Center Makeover!

Apollo-Publix-beforeAbove is the before. Color choices don’t relate to the Publix brand, plus the dark brick color makes the Publix slogan very hard to read. Below is the proposed (created in Photoshop), and approved new color scheme with more pop.

Apollo-Publix-afterBelow is another view of the “before” and “after” of this very large shopping center. It needed to be painted anyways, so they brought me in to give the center a more dynamic color scheme.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Busy or Lazy People

As most of you know there is lots of information and variables when it comes to  SEO for your website or blogs. You could hire someone to constantly be on top of the changing SEO algorithms and marketing your site – but if you don’t have the time, interest or money to get into the SEO to help get your site ranked higher in search engines and get found, then here are 3 basic SEO things you can do:

1. Make sure the title of each of your pages uses the keywords that people would use when searching for your products or services. The title tag tells both users and search engines what the topic of a particular page is.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.10.01 PM2. Take the time to write the “Excerpt” of each page (sometimes called a Description or Summary), that includes the keywords of your products or services and the words people would use to find you – this is your “ad” that appears in the search engine descriptions to convince people to click on your site.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.16.50 PM3. Encourage people to “Share” your page link to their Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. pages that is much more SEO powerful than them just “Liking” the page. Why? Because “Sharing” will send a notice and your URL link to everyone who is a friend or in the group of the person who is sharing it – sort of like network marketing. So make sure you show the “sharing” buttons at the bottom of your page like I did here.

FYI – Search engines on average scan a website every 18 days. If Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 7.47.16 AMnothing on your website has changed since the last scan, your site has less value in searches because there isn’t any new information. Cool SEO Tool: Find out when the last time a search engine scanned your site, click the SEO button. When at that site just enter your URL in the box.

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Organizations Can Raise Money by Adding Sponsors to a Membership Directory

Need to raise money, or reward sponsors of your organization?

It’s easy with this EZ Member Directory app. Just create a subdirectory like you see below so that members can easily find your sponsors. With sponsors on your member’s phones, they will be more than just a “thank you” sponsor, they will have a page to advertise their business.

raise money with sponsors of PTOs

Having a sponsor page on member’s phones adds so much more value for an advertiser than just being in a printed event program – sponsors have on-going exposure to potential customers.

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How to Attract More Business to a Store Using Color

Increase visibility with color.
The architectural design for this small strip mall is contemporary, but it has a very blah color scheme. This “neutral” color schemed mall is not attracting attention or driving business traffic to the mall. The value of color; The more traffic to the mall, the more value the space is worth, the more rent can be charged, which results in a better return on the real estate investment.
strip mall makeover
Here is why this strip mall is not getting much business traffic:

1. Blah. The base color blends with the wide sidewalk, parking lot and road, and the dark windows and rock look nice but visually end up appearing as the shadow for the base structure and that fine detail below is lost.
2. Lack of contrast. There are no dark trees or buildings around the structure to give it contrasting background to make it standout.
3. Weak end cap store. The end cap business is suppose to help pull people driving by to the building: A T-Mobile type business doesn’t have the traffic that other types of businesses could have. In the space of 45 minutes, I noted one person in that store, and many of the parking spaces by the other businesses were occupied.

How to improve business traffic: Use bold colors to catch the eye of traffic going by. A black trim at the top helps tie the rest of the building back into the windows strip mall after makeoverand roof supports, and it also makes the deep yellow color “pop” more. People driving by will notice this building if painted this color scheme, and the building itself will become the eye-catcher versus relying on the businesses and their logos.

How do I do this? In Photoshop, because the best way to show someone what a color looks like is to digitally paint the building before picking the paint colors! (After doing about 75+ malls and office building makeovers, I’ve figured out little tricks to improve and speed up the process).

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Photoshop challenge: can you find the 16 changes made to this Album Cover?

Remember this Beatles album cover? Can you find the 16 changes I made?

Click the image to enlarge. My first passion is using Photoshop to “fix” images that have poor lighting, eliminate color casts, remove funky things in the photo (signs, poles, tree trunks coming up from behind people’s heads, or even removing people), as well as eliminate the clutter around the focus of your subject. 

In Photoshop, I like to create either original compelling images to attract attention, or “fix” a company’s products photos. As you know, the images displayed on a website, blog and Facebook reflect on the brand of a company – because those images are the first impression the potential clients may have about the quality and image of your company.

If you want to see more examples click here.

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How to Increase Member or Client Participation

Here’s three tips on how to make your organization stronger and get more involved…


Many businesses rely on building customer participation for added business, and clubs rely on membership participation to host events to raise funds.

1. For a group to be more involved they need to be engaged with each other. How? A. Involving more people on committees is a physical form of social media marketing – they tell others and are more engaged .B. Rotate who is in charge to keep things fresh and to avoid inner circle clicks. C. Reach out to the shy members and participants, they will typically be your hardest workers and they probably joined to meet people just like you with your similar interests.

2. Increase the number of activities your group does. But wait, everyone is already busy! That said, people pick what to do to be busy based on their interests. The more your group interacts with each, the better the “value” of the interaction, then the more involved they become. Additional activities could be as simple as a impromptu meeting at a breakfast place on weekends, meeting for a happy hour once a month, or a have a picnic in the park. It doesn’t need to fancy or complex, just provide more opportunities for your members to socialize and get to know each other better.

3. Most important – you need to improve communication between members in the organization.  Members working on projects, organizing or attending events, or just meeting for social activities – everything runs much smoother when communication is improved, and member contact information is easily accessed. With a smart phone app called the EZ Member Directory, (click here to check it out), members can easily contact each other, photos can be added for each member, for either security identification, or just helping members recall names with photos at social events.

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