Photoshop Tricks to Create the Desired Image

The portrait of this King and Queen was scheduled to be taken on a backyard dock with the island in the background. But as fate would have it, on that Saturday a front was moving in and the wind gusts were 35 to 40 mph – playing havoc by blowing tree branches, light stands, hair and robes. With no time to reschedule, the photo (using an iPad), had to be moved indoors, requiring me to be a little creative with the final portrait in the steps shown below.

Photoshop Portrait

The backyard trees and pond needed to have details enhanced.

Photoshop Before-Trees

Moving all of the lighting and props to the living room made for a better controlled environment (lesson learned). The Queen is holding a fluorescent light tube which will be the background for inserting Queen’s Elizabeth’s scepter .

Photoshop best example

Then the two photos needed to be combined as well as the additional touches described below.

Before photo PhotoshopIf you need Photoshop effects done at a very reasonable price, to enhance or create attention getting images, please shoot me an email at or or call me at 727.409.2326 to discuss a project – big or small.

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