One simple idea to make your site more relevant to search engines

website design and SEO follow up

I run into many business owners that spend their hard-earned money to get a website created, and then they think; “it’s all done.” Or is it?

SEO tips of the daySEO Tip of the Day: Make sure you publish new posts or update your content regularly, because search bots crawl through sites on an average of every 18 days, and they are looking for fresh new content. Why? Google wants people to use its search engine as much as you want them to visit your website, so its goal is to return the most useful and current results for any given query.

Most WordPress-based sites are typically set up in a standard, blog-style format with a reverse chronological list of posts on the front page. However, many of you that use WordPress for your website, have mostly static pages. This type of site is not updated as frequently as a typical blog, so if you do have a website, it’s beneficial to have a blog component in your website that you update more often, (note my website here has a blog component as it’s home/front page). If you have the standard static home/front page, then link your front page to your blogging pages, whether by using a menu tab, or by using the Recent Posts widget in the sidebar of your front page. Because most new visitors land on your front page first, providing an obvious link to your most recent posts will help Google see that your site is current and active.

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