The Secret of Mobile Marketing Strategies

5 important items to put on a mobile marketing to-do list…

It’s official: Mobile laptops, iPads, smart phones, tablet computers, have overtaken the desktop as the primary point of contact with consumers. Test it yourself when you are on your Facebook page – social media mobile devicesyour friends who are online are displayed with a green dot, note how many are listed as “mobile.” Everywhere you go people are checking their mobile devices for text messages, emails and accessing websites while they are in a “waiting mode.”  Here’s 5 items for a mobile marketing to-do list:

1. Use a flexible template. Marketing success depends on making sure your website, blogs and emails are using responsive design templates – designs that automatically adapt to the devices on which they are being viewed.

2. Consider the demographics of your customers; if they are younger they are more than likely on a mobile device, if they are older on a desktop computer. You need to better focus your marketing approach and not just send out a single message that applies to all social media channels, but specific messages that are formatted for each channel.

3. Create short content. In mobile marketing, the most important point is to make sure your “content” is king. Use fewer words to communicate the most important value of your product or service because when people are on mobile devices, they have shorter attention spans and time. To best engage customers, make sure your clickable items are seamless and smooth.

4. Repeat your message. It has been said that someone needs to see a product as many as three times before they actually take action and buy. What they’re shown doesn’t necessarily have to be the product itself. Brand awareness, complimentary products or comparable items can also be effective.

On the left the PC shows three columns of content, in the middle the iPad shows two columns, on the right an iPhone shows only one column of content from the original website.
On the left the desktop computer shows three columns of content, in the middle the iPad shows just two columns, on the right an iPhone shows only one column of content.

5. Test your messages. Test for things like spacing, image rendering, and multiple columns on a desktop computer may appear as only one column on mobile devices, with the columns being “stacked” – keep that in mind when determining which information is on the left, right and middle columns, (see above example). Finally, do what most don’t do – test your website, emails, and social media on different mobile devices, because you may be in for a shock at what you see!

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