Got Your Attention? Yes. Good Ad? Shamefully No!

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.22.18 AMSometimes companies go to far outside-the-box to get people’s attention. Yes, you can show something something funny that gets attention, or  tragedy to scare your potential customers into needing your product or services – but if the image and punch line don’t relate to your product – people won’t remember what you are selling!

The above Altoids ad does so many things wrong. 1. The product is too small (no pun intended).  2. Though the image is shocking and humorous, is that how you would want customers to remember your product? 3. Guilt by association: It’s now shameful to use Altoids?    4. A teenager in his underwear on the bed? Really?  5. The tagline: Curiously Strong? I’m not seeing anything here that looks strong.

Another point: You’ve heard the expression “guilt by association” – well it’s true! Even though you may think you are representing your competitors with an awful or dumb image of them, consumers will begin to associate those images with your company and products – not a good idea! (See above)

If you are creating an image to get people’s attention, make sure it has  a direct relationship to your product or service – as well as enhances your brand. What is enhancing your brand? The opposite of the above ad.

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