Who else wants more business? Here’s 3 Tips to Generate More $

1. Volunteer to Lead an Organization.  Everyone knows networking is an important part of growing a business, but do you really make an extra effort to do so? Imagine if you served as president of an ???????????????????????????????????????entrepreneur organization and rubbed elbows and connected with the brightest minds in your market. There are also many philanthropic organizations that typically have the high-rollers of business on their boards and committees – another good networking opportunity to get your product or service known. Call today, right now, and inquire about joining!

2. Send a weekly email.  Mine your own customer base, as you are not the only one your customers buy from – but they could buy more. Make sure you stay top-of-mind with your customers with this easy idea: Write a bunch tips for your business marketplace or Marketing ideasmotivational emails ahead of time, and then schedule them to be sent out every Monday, and call it something catching like the 2-Minute Monday Motivator. Everyone needs a mental break on a Monday, and if yours takes 2 minutes or less to read, they will look forward to your email advice every week.

3. Give your stuff away. The goal is to create a buzz. If you sell bagels or ice-cream, just put an ad in your window saying free coffee Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.26.25 PMor free ice-cream – anything to get people to walk in and sample your product and they will tell their friends about it.  Have a product you want to get into a store? Try a framers market and give away samples and have the phone numbers of local stores that would carry your product, and ask the people you are giving the sample to call right now and ask for the manager to carry your product. Then show up at the store with your product – they will remember getting calls for your product.

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