Personal Branding: Part 2

Four steps to help you become the top-of-mind choice.

Greer-Branding-21. You only have one chance for a first impression. Take the time to “design” your look, because a brand’s packaging most times is the first impression, and many people will formulate a brand perception just on the “look.” It doesn’t matter if you are tall and thin or short and stocky – are you presenting yourself the best you can be for each situation? Others will notice, it’s human nature. If your look has a very favorable first impression, then going forward you have some leniency in your new relationship, but if your first impression doesn’t meet the other person’s expectations, then you have an obstacle from the start to overcome to be able evolve your personal brand perception to be a top-of-mind-choice.

2. Brand Trust. If you make promises and commitments, keep them. Integrity and trust create a bond like no other – if you are always fair and honest with others, most will treat you the same. Yes, there are people with “poor brands” that may take advantage of your trust, and cause you to have a setback, but there are givers and takers – the takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better. Be a giver and the best you can be and it will come back to you in more ways than one. Trust is paramount.

3. Create Awareness for Your Personal Brand. Marketing, public relations, advertising, and social media help make brands recognizable. Are you networking? From business networks to social networking, being in the right place at the right time provides many opportunities – but only if you participate. Be your own brand’s PR and social networking agency to communicate your positive attributes, your enthusiasm and success. Craft what you write, think before you talk. Be aware about what you write on Facebook, in emails and even what you communicate to others – as it all becomes the sum of your brand’s perception.

4. Focus Your Brand Identity. Pick your relationships wisely – who you are associated with effects the perception of your brand. Successful people usually associate with other successful people, those focused on a healthy life style learn from each other, and negative energy people hang with other negative people, etc. Decide what you want your personal brand to be, and associate and learn from others that you admire. Provide yourself the opportunity to evolve. Empower yourself to improve your brand by listening, learning, keeping commitments, and communicating your message clearly. If you need to “repackage your look” do so. You alone can choose to evolve or enhance your personal brand, so make the most of it, and start today. The first step is easy. Make a list of what you want your personal brand attributes to be for each of the brand types mentioned above, (guided by your passions and interests). Next, list what are the gaps to achieving each of those desired brand attributes. Lastly, search out friends, schools or groups for help to close those gaps. Evolve your personal brand to be what you want it to be, and the opportunities you hope for will be attracted to you!

Gary Greer is a marketing and branding consultant in-tune with helping companies and people better understand their value, communicate and evolve their brand. For additional information, check out his website at:

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