3 Things I Ask to Create an Intelligent Marketing Conversation

Intelligence & MarketingThe frustrating thing about being intelligent is finding people you can have an intelligent conversation with. When in a social situation how can you still learn a little more about your customer’s needs from a different perspective? This tip is about being a good listener, which is key to understanding the needs of your customer. Most marketing people “hear just the first part of a sentence” and then stop their listening mode – they think about, and rehearse in their mind what they want to say and while waiting for the customer to stop talking so they can start talking. They are not learning or expanding their knowledge, they are just spewing out memories.

Here are 3 questions to ask “when in a social setting” to create an intelligence gathering opportunity with a customer who likes to talk:
1. What specific or personal challenges do they have in their job, in their business? (learn their emotional needs) 
2. What are 3 things that have made them successful. (discover what their hot buttons are)
3. What could be improved in their company, whether it is related to their job, company processes, or management practices. (provides you with insight on other projects they potentially need help with)

Asking these questions gets your customers thinking and talking about themselves – which most people like to do, and you can then learn something new from a different perspective.

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