What, a Social Media Marketing Plan?

There is lots to know about marketing these days, as more and more people shop online and are connected through social media.

Social Media Marketing DiagramNot only do millions of people buy online, but they check and compare products and services using, websites, Tweets, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, various online customer reviews and other social media avenues. This has to be one of the most challenging eras for businesses and marketers to know what to do, how much to spend, and where to put the effort – especially with a limited budget! So what’s a company to do?

Guru or smart marketer?  Hire a person, consultant or agency that at a minimum can create strategy document that includes a spreadsheet of every month and Social mediathe action (topics) taking place with every social media communication medium that is relevant to your target audience and your business. It should coordinate with your trade shows, products announcements, email campaigns and other sales and marketing programs. All of those things should mesh together in one coordinated marketing effort that drives leads to the sales team and increases visibility to your website. Monthly they should prepare a analytics report on all of your social media results – including what isn’t working and how it could be improved.

Obviously there is much more that goes on in front and behind the scenes of social media marketing but you have to start somewhere, and start with a true marketing person who is also organized – not just knowledgable about blogs, tweeting and making Facebook pages.  For all of the time, money and effort going into it, you need to see results.

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