How to Attract More Business to a Store Using Color

Increase visibility with color.
The architectural design for this small strip mall is contemporary, but it has a very blah color scheme. This “neutral” color schemed mall is not attracting attention or driving business traffic to the mall. The value of color; The more traffic to the mall, the more value the space is worth, the more rent can be charged, which results in a better return on the real estate investment.
strip mall makeover
Here is why this strip mall is not getting much business traffic:

1. Blah. The base color blends with the wide sidewalk, parking lot and road, and the dark windows and rock look nice but visually end up appearing as the shadow for the base structure and that fine detail below is lost.
2. Lack of contrast. There are no dark trees or buildings around the structure to give it contrasting background to make it standout.
3. Weak end cap store. The end cap business is suppose to help pull people driving by to the building: A T-Mobile type business doesn’t have the traffic that other types of businesses could have. In the space of 45 minutes, I noted one person in that store, and many of the parking spaces by the other businesses were occupied.

How to improve business traffic: Use bold colors to catch the eye of traffic going by. A black trim at the top helps tie the rest of the building back into the windows strip mall after makeoverand roof supports, and it also makes the deep yellow color “pop” more. People driving by will notice this building if painted this color scheme, and the building itself will become the eye-catcher versus relying on the businesses and their logos.

How do I do this? In Photoshop, because the best way to show someone what a color looks like is to digitally paint the building before picking the paint colors! (After doing about 75+ malls and office building makeovers, I’ve figured out little tricks to improve and speed up the process).

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