Letting it flow… (MY first blog entry)

Hopefully this will not only be an inspiration site for others, but also for me as well to create and publish. Besides, why create if you can’t share it with others? While some would argue you create to release the creative fires burning inside, I agree, but I also like the opportunity to share and get feedback. Feedback that is constructive is very helpful because us creative types can fall in love with your own work and loose objectivity of it’s real value.

On the other hand, comments analyzing creativity also come from those with different personal experiences and how they see the World. So what is this blog all about? Just having a place to express ideas and images that may provide contemplation, evaluation of technique and the ability to share ideas – oh, and a link to my website hoping that those in need, find me indeed.

Update May 2013: Ha, now looking back 4 years ago when I wrote this, I sure didn’t add much vale or interest on my first Blog!

Five years later on March 2014: If you actually read this blog I would be curious to know,  send me an email: ggreer@tampabay.rr.com, thanks!

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